How can this be?

What do you mean, this is the LAST DAY of November?

You mean that TOMORROW will be December??

Three guesses on who in this house started cheering at that news…

In other interesting news that I’m finally getting around to report, Tad is officially off the gluten free diet!  He’s actually been off since Halloween, but the jury wasn’t informed until three weeks later.  The jury consisted of Grandma, Gichan, Auntie, and Teachers C. and J. at Sunday school.  The verdict?  Ummm… yeah.  Going gluten free really didn’t help Tad at all.  Oh, well.  At least we can say that we tried.  However, his behavior has been improving (anecdotally speaking), and his teacher, Mrs. W., is going to start sending him to their next-door peer-model kindergarten class after recess for snack.  This will be interesting, because this is supposed to work on his socialization and integration skills.  I’m all for it – we’ll see how it goes.

The good news is that with Tad off the gluten free diet for good, I don’t have to worry about my Christmas cookie baking anymore!  But if anyone is looking for some gluten free mixes, I have a few left over.

Now, on to make some Christmas cookies!

I can’t believe I just wrote that…

3 Responses to “How can this be?”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    November 30th, 2010 09:04

    November surely was extra-short this year.

  2. Cousin Shelley
    November 30th, 2010 09:23

    Yay for December!

  3. Erin
    November 30th, 2010 22:36

    I wonder if he’ll end up in Carter’s class? He has Mrs. Stokes 🙂