The Crazy Begins

Christmastime is here…


I feel so completely unprepared this year, even though most of my shopping is done.  My cards aren’t ready, and I’ve been procrastinating on writing our annual Christmas letter.  I’ve kind of been hoping to say that the Webmaster has a new job, instead of simply saying that he was laid off.

If I put it off for one more week, maybe it will happen?  Regardless, I should start writing now and not hit “print” until absolutely necessary.

And to top it off, the school district announced that the elementary schools will be making up their half days that they missed due to snow next week… on Tuesday and Wednesday.  There is some logic in this, since Tuesday and Wednesday were the days that were missed, and all of these parent-teacher conferences have to be made up.  But the really lousy part is that Tad will go to school Monday, not have school Tuesday and Wednesday, and then have school Thursday.  Makes PERFECT sense!

Oh, and Ane’s birthday is coming.  Her teacher and I talked yesterday while I was volunteering in the class, and since she’s not going to throw any kind of Christmas party this year, we decided to celebrate Ane’s birthday in class before the Christmas break.  I’m usually there for their snack time on Wednesdays, so two weeks from now, I will be packing in cupcakes.  Because, of course, Ane wants cupcakes.  And there are no restrictions this year on the kind of treats that can be brought in.  Last year, the rule was “store-bought only” for allergy purposes.  Now, they figure that the kids who are allergic can sort of police themselves.  Ane has one little girl in her class who is allergic to wheat, dairy and nuts, so I will be picking up some special gluten-free cookies for her.  I know all about those.

I just really want the Webmaster to find a new job for Christmas.  Santa, are you listening??  He went to a big mixer/job fair last night, and right before he left, we pounded out some business cards for him on some nice quality cardstock.  I think I just proved the worth of my hobbies to him.  I even used a punch to round the edges of the cards, since that was the look he wanted.  He says that they came in really handy.

And now, the waiting game continues…

But in the meantime, I have a tree to put up and decorate.  It’s out on the back porch right now.  The kids can’t wait for it to come indoors.  They’re ready for Christmas.

Their mother better get with the program here.

One Response to “The Crazy Begins”

  1. Ressis
    December 2nd, 2010 09:38

    Good luck! My kids have been ready from Christmas to be here for more than a week. I’m not as behind as you are, but I’m definitely feeling cramped for time.