Gingerbread House Decor

This has really become Auntie’s thing to do with Ane and Tad.  I just supply the kit and clean up afterward.

My goal this year, though, was to let Ane and Tad decorate their own little houses that I had made.  You’d think I would learn by now that you simply CANNOT decorate houses the same day they are baked/assembled.  Yeah.  The little houses haven’t happened yet.  I think I may have to bake the pieces even longer.

Regardless, the kit was a hit, and Auntie brought extra candy and royal icing, and promptly set the kids to work on the gingerbread people so she could work on the house.

Tad took his gingerbread man decorating very seriously, all the while reciting, “Run, run, as fast as you can – you can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man!”

Ane was also busily working.

The kids were really into the whole process this year.  We’re long past the time when they would just be satisfied with putting on a candy here and there.  Which is why, next year, I really need to have some little houses ready for them.

While everyone else was occupied…

… Rerun wanted to know why he was missing out on all the action at the table.

Long after the kids had finished decorating their men and the gingerbread tree, and Rerun had gone to bed, Auntie finished the house.  The result now occupies a large chunk of our kitchen table.

Now I just have to keep Tad from picking candy off of it for the next few weeks – or running around the house with a gingerbread man in hand, saying… well, you know.

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