Family Project


I have a lot going on this week… and so I drafted the Webmaster to finish frosting the gingerbread men for me while I continued to plug away at the Christmas cards and other crafty projects.  And I recruited help for him.

This actually worked out very well.  I gave the kids little bowls full of mini chocolate chips – some regular semi-sweets, some red and green vanilla chips – and they created gingerbread men.  And they took it very seriously.  We did not have one ruined or broken cookie.

Tad, who was thrilled with the decorating (not so thrilled when we continually made him wash his hands every time he licked frosting off his fingers), was very meticulous when it came to his gingerbread men.  They had to have eyes, a nose, and a mouth.  So what if their mouth was down around their necks?

Ane got a little more abstract and creative, but she was a real trooper.  Tad got tired of decorating after the second batch of frosting (and fourth time he had to leave the table to wash his hands), so he rounded up his library books and started to read.  Ane kept plugging away, decorating each gingerbread man alongside her Dad, until they were all finished.

It was a big help to me, and a lot of fun for them.  I think I’ve just invented a new family tradition!

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