Rerun’s Favorite Ornament

My parents have been thinning out the ornaments from their tree over the last couple of years – giving us kids some of the sentimental ones, or just clearing out ones that don’t have much meaning.  Last week, Mom had a selection of ornaments to look at, including a quilted little tree that Rerun immediately picked up and began chewing on.  “I guess you’re taking that one home,” Mom laughed.

It is now the low-hanging fruit on our tree.

I deliberately put it on a low branch because I knew Rerun liked it – and that he couldn’t hurt it.  In fact, he can grab it off the tree so fast that I couldn’t even snap a picture of the moment he grabbed it.  All I got was the joy of the aftermath.

It’s soft!  It’s chewy!  It has no sharp edges and can’t be broken!

Apparently, it doesn’t taste too bad, because he does like to chew on it.  A lot.

And someday, it will belong to him, and he can hang it on his own tree.  In the meantime, it makes for a pretty good baby toy!

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