The Laundry Unhelper

Rerun has officially entered the “unhelper” stage of life.¬† It will take him years to grow out of this.

Yesterday, he “unhelped” with the laundry as I tried to fold it on the living room floor.

Although, he was so darn excited about it all, that it was hard to be annoyed with him for drooling all over clean clothes.

Socks proved especially irresistible.

I tried working around him as much as I could…

… but I knew that my stacks of clothes were soon to be toppled.

And pretty soon, the whole thing came tumbling down.

Oh, well.¬† At least I have an “unhelper” who truly knows how to throw himself into his job.

One Response to “The Laundry Unhelper”

  1. Ressis
    December 22nd, 2010 09:14

    He’s so cute! He gets away with pretty much anything once he flashes that grin, doesn’t he?