Butterfly Birthday

(The birthday interlude of the Christmas debrief)

It was a day long anticipated – at least by my daughter.  The day had come!  It was her birthday!  She was now seven years old!

While I frantically cleaned up the house of its Christmas detritus, Auntie came over and began working on putting the cupcakes together.  Ane had requested butterfly cupcakes, and Auntie had created some wonderful wings out of chocolate candy melts.  The finished result was quite impressive:

Ane was thrilled with her birthday cupcakes…

… and was ready to get the party started with some presents!

Her presents ranged from the pretty…

… to the practical…

… to the fun and fuzzy.

When Ane opened the unstuffed bear (a gift from Auntie, who intended her to take it back to Build-A-Bear to get it made up), Gichan asked Auntie, “Why did you give her a dead bear?”

Susan also got a few gifts…

… including Honey the golden retriever, to which Ane squealed in excitement when she opened it up, “I’ve been wanting her my WHOLE LIFE!!”

“All seven years, huh?”  Gichan asked.

Grandma and Gichan tried to keep the dolls under control during the party, but Dolly met Rerun… and it was love at first bite…

… while Gichan gave Susan some lessons in photography.

And Ane scored a new princess doll, courtesy of Grandma and Gichan.

I wonder how much longer Ane will love princesses.  I think it will be a sad day if she ever outgrows them.

Finally, no party would be complete without candles on a cupcake.

She took her wish-making very seriously.

And she blew out all the candles at once!

The cupcakes were delicious, and Ane was eager to eat one.

Rupert also gave the cupcakes a thumbs-up.

Ane had a wonderful seventh birthday.

I really can’t believe that she’s gotten this old this fast.

And the Christmas end of things still wasn’t over.  No, I’m not kidding!

2 Responses to “Butterfly Birthday”

  1. Ressis
    January 6th, 2011 06:44

    I’m so glad we could fulfill a lifelong desire!

  2. Handy Mom
    January 7th, 2011 18:36

    Way to go Auntie. Those are awesome butterflies! 🙂