Lights Out

We’ve had to adjust our bath schedule to accommodate the fact that we are now going to the pool regularly.  And it was sort of a big deal, because 1) we only have one bathroom, and 2) the Webmaster and I were very comfortable with our Tuesday/Saturday routine for baths (with other baths as necessary).  Well, now both Tad and I are in the pool on Mondays, and whoever goes to the pool on Thursday is getting showered at the pool (I am taking the soap and shampoo along).

I usually manage to squeak in a shower right after the kids get home from school on Mondays, but I have Tad wait until Monday night.  After all, he’s a boy, and they get dirty.  I’d rather have him clean and relaxed from a bath right before he goes to bed, than right before dinner, where… well, he spluttered out an entire mouthful of milk yesterday morning at breakfast.  It was an accident, but guess who had to clean everything up?

Anyway, last night, Tad was in the bathtub with a couple of his toy sharks, while Ane was brushing her teeth and getting ready for bed.  When she left the bathroom, she did what we have always taught her to do.


“Who turned the light off?”  I asked.

“Oh, that was me,” Ane said sheepishly.  “I turned it off when I left the room.”

“Let’s try to remember that he’s taking a bath, okay?”  I reminded everyone.

Monday is also garbage night – it gets picked up Tuesday morning – so Ane was helping me gather everything up, which is one of her regular chores.  I collected the bathroom garbage, put a new liner in the can, and left the bathroom.


I looked.  Yes, as I left the bathroom, I had unconsciously turned off the light.

The Webmaster said, “Who…?”

“That was me,” I admitted.  The Webmaster thought that was funny.

Tad managed to finish up his bath with his sharks – and the lights on.

2 Responses to “Lights Out”

  1. Ressis
    February 8th, 2011 04:46

    That’s just like when we were kids/teenagers and lived at home, except we’d turn off the lights while each other were showering on purpose. I guess your kids are nicer than we were.

  2. Oddball
    February 8th, 2011 06:44

    I have a solution to this problem (should it “accidently” happen again), Chem-Lights. Hours of fun and a disposable night light. Not to mention toss one of those in the tub and he might ask you to turn off the light. Just a thought, you can find them at Wal-Mart, Gun Shops or a Military Surplus store.