Writer’s Block

Rerun has them all.  My blocks, I mean.

It has been a long week here at the Corner Haus.  Tad’s still not back to full speed after this ear infection.  We went to the doctor yesterday morning, and she prescribed him eardrops.  There’s still some inflammation in there, even though the hole is healing up well.  So now we have to do eardrops twice a day for a week.  And we didn’t go swimming last night, either.  The doctor was okay with it, but you could really tell that she preferred that Tad wait to get in the water.  Not that he minded – he’s just been so tired in the evenings.

When Tad got home from school yesterday, Rerun was napping and Ane was working on homework.  Tad curled up on the couch, I put in his first round of eardrops, and he then fell asleep and took a 2 and a half hour nap.  He only woke up because I turned on Star Wars and that got him awake enough to watch it and eat dinner.  But going to bed was not fun, because guess who wasn’t really tired yet?  So, like I said, he’s still not completely himself again… yet.

Ane is doing pretty well with her reading – it’s math that’s giving her headaches right now.  And it’s not just her – the whole class is doing weird stuff with math.  I played math bingo with them on Wednesday while I was helping out in class, and it blew my mind how many kids would look at the equation 1+3 and think the answer was 13.  Ane went through this same phase recently, and I couldn’t understand it.  It made me want to nail my own head to the floor.  Thankfully, Ye Holy Abacus is still very much in use, and it does help.

Rerun seems to finally be beating his cold – poor kid, it’s taken him long enough.  This was a particularly nasty one, and he has just been leaking snot forever.  Combine that with drool from teeth and you have one very juicy baby.

And next week is mid-winter break, which I am not really looking forward to.  It seems like we just got BACK to school after all the Christmas vacation!  I was talking it over with Tad’s teacher, and she commented that one of the reasons mid-winter break was created was to try and cut down on contagion during cold and flu season.  More than one kid goes to school contagious with something, and a week off is one way to break the vicious cycle of cold-sharing.

Between an ear infection, colds, and school breaks, I may lose all my blocks.  I can’t let Rerun have my marbles, because then we’d all be in trouble.  My blocks, he can play with.  At least someone is having fun with them.

It’s been one of those weeks where I feel like all I’ve been doing is playing catch up.  My one comfort is that even though the meals have suffered, kids have been sick, and there has been something going on every! single! day!, at least everyone had clean socks and underwear/diapers.

So, I guess this week wasn’t so bad, after all.

One Response to “Writer’s Block”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    February 20th, 2011 08:42

    I see he is squatting, standing alone, but is he walking? Looks like he could just step out!
    I’m sorry the school has so many holidays and breaks and teacher work days etc. I have an opinion on that; with that kind of time off, I think they should go 11 months of the year.
    I’m sure it really interferes with kids that need an uninterrupted schedule.