Not Edible

Here is a list of things that Rerun has tried to eat in the last week that are clearly not supposed to be eaten:

– yarn (from the puffball on his sister’s slipper.  He threw it up.)

– magazines (in the waiting room at Tad’s speech therapy appointment)

– magazine mailing inserts (I didn’t try quite so hard to keep these away from him)

– R2-D2 (Tad’s action figure.  Guess who objected.)

– puzzle pieces (again, Tad leaves things out)

– library book pages (NOT COOL.  Guess who’s going to be paying a per page fine out of his piggy bank?)

And here’s photographic proof of the rampage he went on against magazines while Tad was at speech therapy:

Notice how he turns on the charm offensive as he casually walks off with a magazine insert.

I don’t understand the attraction that babies have to paper, but they ALL have it.  Paper’s like catnip to them.

Now he has paper caught in his 8 teeth.

Yes, he’s just casually strolling around, munching on paper, until I finally stopped taking pictures and took it away.  I’m a mean mommy.  I only let him eat Mommy-approved FOOD.

Clearly, he’s suffering terribly on the diet I have him on.  He wants more fiber, I guess.

One Response to “Not Edible”

  1. Aunt Mary
    February 21st, 2011 13:32

    I recognize that look in the first photo: “I know I’m not supposed to be doing this, but maybe if I give her the cute baby look she won’t notice.”