You can almost hear the the crunching in these pictures.

I don’t know why, but there are a lot more baby snack foods available now than there were even five years ago, when Tad was a baby.  I mean, there were arrowroot cookies and graham crackers and Cheerios, and that was pretty much all I gave Ane and Tad.  Now, though, Rerun gets things like these rice rusks, and puffs.  Oh my, the PUFFS.  His favorite flavors are sweet potato, peach, and banana.

It’s kind of nice that there are more varieties of snacks, but I do worry that he gets a few too many of them.  Of course, he gets carted along to so many things that it does make it convenient to just hand him a small snack to keep him busy, or take the edge off his hunger if lunch gets a little delayed.

I actually don’t feed him a big lunch – it’s mostly yogurt and some kind of puff or cracker.  It does make my life easier, especially when we’re on the go.  And since he’s still nursing in the middle of the day, a smaller lunch means that his appetite is still around for dinner.  I made a beef stew in the Crock Pot on Tuesday that was loaded with meat and veggies… it went straight into the baby food grinder.  It’s the first meal that went straight from the pot to the grinder to his plate for him – his first “table food!”  He’s eaten other pieces of our dinner before, but never the whole meal.  And I saved all the leftovers just for him.  It’s SO much better than the food in a jar.  Smells better, too.

I’m doing things so much later with him than I did with the other two.  By this time, Ane was almost finished nursing, and Tad was winding down.  Rerun may skip the afternoon session, but he still wants to nurse first thing in the morning and right before bedtime.  I didn’t acclimate him to a bottle as well as I did with the older two, but he can take it if necessary.  And I’ve been pushing the sippy cup, but I need to give him something more interesting than water.  He’s discovered spitting, which is so not cool.

Still, he’s a happy and healthy little muncher.  And he loves his munchies.

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