Cute Distraction

Otherwise titled, “Why Mommy Can Hardly Get Anything Done”:

Rerun only napped once yesterday, so he had to go to bed early.  He really should have had a cat nap before dinner, but I was going at full speed to get dinner made for us, Friend, Doc, and the boys.

I missed getting to just play with my little Rerun.  Honestly, who wouldn’t be tempted by this little face?

It’s enough to make me abandon making Sunday dinner and just order pizza.

Fortunately for everyone else, I persevered.  Dinner was on the table on time, and Rerun ate a full dinner and got an arrowroot cookie before rubbing his eyes and clinging to me, crying.  I finally had time to nurse him and put him to bed early.

But tonight is Leftover Night, just so you know.  The fridge is full, and I don’t want to waste time thinking about cooking today when I have my precious little boy to play with.

And the kids go back to school today!!  This week is shaping up to be crazy, so expect light blogging.  Both Tad and Rerun have doctor appointments this week, which promise to be very interesting.

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