Once the iPad 2 was announced, prices on a refurbished 1st generation iPad dropped.

And the Webmaster struck while the iron was hot.

And the result…

We had been researching different recommended apps for awhile, and had just been kind of in limbo, waiting for the iPad 2 announcement, and for our income tax refund.  While we did get it primarily as a tool for Tad, it doesn’t belong to him.  This is Mom and Dad’s toy, too, and Ane will have some time on it as well – we just bought a math app for her.  Tad is working on writing and spelling words, and the Webmaster found a free shark quiz app for him.  Good thing it was free, because he breezed through it in 5 minutes.

And the iPad is so popular that we’ve decided to limit the usage to the time period of after school to before dinner, and on special use occasions (doctor’s office, long trips in the car, etc.), so we don’t have faces glued to screens all the time.

So, we succumbed to the dark side.  And it has some killer apps.  And Tad is IN LOVE with it.  Who can blame him?

Update: After the quake and tsunami in Japan, I am keeping a close eye on the news, Facebook, and one of the blogs that I read regularly, Homesick Home.  I’m glad to say that Homesick Home just updated, and it sounds like everyone in their family is okay (but stuck where they are at), but I’m hoping that my few Facebook friends in Japan post a status very soon.  The video footage is simply horrifying.  Please be praying for the country, and for those whose lives have been devastated.

2 Responses to “iCrack”

  1. Oddball
    March 11th, 2011 06:17

    Foxnews.com did a great article about this very thing. Talking about the benefits the Ipad could potential give to Autistic children. How it allows them to focus all their attention instead of having a constant information overload. See my facebook profile for a link to the story.

  2. Cousin Shelley
    March 11th, 2011 16:07

    Awesome! Finally his dad has given in to the iWorld…now we just need to get him to give in to the dog! 🙂