A Boy and his Bear

Rerun is developing a relationship with his Bao Bao Bear blanket.  This was the scene after a three-hour nap.

Love the bear.  Tad has always loved his bunny, and I haven’t even bothered trying to push another kind of lovey on Rerun.  These blankets have everything – a satiny side, a plush velour side, and a fuzzy friend on top to hug.

Other companies make blanket buddies, but ever since Tad got hooked on his bunny, I have stuck with the quality and washability of Bunnies By the Bay.  And Rerun is really starting to love his bear.

And I just threw this picture in because his shirt is perfectly readable.  And it’s SO true.

I love this little boy so much!

2 Responses to “A Boy and his Bear”

  1. Cousin Shelley
    March 23rd, 2011 07:02

    Love the shirt!

  2. Aunt Lynda
    March 23rd, 2011 08:48

    He’s a pretty lovable kid!