Report Cards

Report cards came home yesterday.  I knew that they were coming, because the trimester ended last Friday, and I saw Ane’s teacher, Ms. V., prepping the envelopes while I was up at school volunteering yesterday.  But I didn’t remember to check until the robo-call from Ane’s school came.

“Hey, Ane, where’s your report card?  I want to see it,” I said.

My daughter slowly got up from where she was doing her homework, slunk off to her room, and came back holding the envelope with a concerned look on her face.

“Were you hiding this in your room?”  I asked in surprise.

She nodded.  “How did you know it came home?”

“The school called, sweetie.  I have to sign the envelope and send it back.”

She looked at me.  “Just tell me what it says,” she pleaded.

Here is what it said:
“Ane has made great progress this trimester and continues to demonstrate that she can follow rules and always try her best.

“Ane is reading above grade level and has great comprehension about what she has read.  Her writing has also progressed over this trimester.  She is able to write a story that has a beginning, middle and end and is interesting to read.  She is understanding new math concepts that are being introduced and is able to apply those skills when solving equations and story problems.

“My goal for Ane is to keep up the hard work she is already doing.  She is working on sounding fluent when she reads out loud – she is paying attention to the punctuation and making her voice sound like she is talking.  Keep up the hard work, Ane – you’re doing great!!”

When I was done reading, my daughter had a huge smile on her face that was coming straight from her heart.

Tad’s report card is a little different – he gets an IEP evaluation update.  But on the academic end of the IEP, his teacher, Mrs. W., reports that he has 100% accuracy on both upper and lower case letter recognition, and letter-sound correspondence.  It also comments that his need for adults to pay attention to him within the classroom (by saying “look at me!” while working or playing), has dramatically decreased.

Pretty soon, I’ll be in meetings to make plans for his next school year.  I also received the paperwork for the Extended School Year, or summer school.  I know this will be a good thing for him, and I’m very pleased that he’s going to attend this summer.

My kids are growing up so fast on me.

3 Responses to “Report Cards”

  1. Oddball
    March 24th, 2011 06:11

    Summer School is great, even though both our girls do well in school we still stick them in Summer School just so they do not have the “lag” that most kids get during the summer.

  2. Nana
    March 24th, 2011 07:04

    Wow!! Good work, Ane & Tad, and also Mom & Dad in their supporting roles.

  3. Aunt Mary
    March 26th, 2011 17:06

    Sounds like they are both making great progress. Keep up the good work kids and dad and mom! 🙂