Single Parenthood

I am on my own this week.  The Webmaster is back in Portland on business (but no room service this time… he was told that was a BIG no-no and not to do it again), so I did the ironing and got him all packed up and on his way yesterday.

Then, to fortify myself for the week to come, I left the kids at my parents – who were also kind enough to take in Rupert – and Friend and I went out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, The Purple Cafe.  Ringo came along for the ride with us, since he’s only 5 months old and doesn’t move.  Doc is at a conference down in Anaheim, and he took the Brain and Head with him so they could also go to Disneyland for Head’s 7th birthday.  So, since we were both now husbandless, it seemed like an ideal time to have a girls’ dinner!  And many thanks to Grandma, Gichan, and Auntie for keeping an eye on my kids and Rupert… and for wiping Rerun’s nose.  His nose started leaking on Saturday and I stayed home from church with him Sunday morning.  I think it might be teething related, but I’m not sure.

So, I am a single mom for the week.  Fortunately, it’s this week and not next week, because the kids are on spring break next week.  And they even have this Friday off, so Ane will be hanging out with Rerun at Grandma’s for the afternoon that day, while Tad has his regular therapy sessions.  So at the very least, we have a mostly normal schedule this week.

I salute all the single parents out there.  You do the work of two people.

And I salute my parents and sister – thanks for having my back.

And I’m offering a bribe to my children – behave this week, and Mommy and Daddy will buy more apps for the iPad!  I promise!!

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