Spring Break Means Rain and Colds

Yesterday the sky cleared just enough to allow for a few hours’ worth of drying out.  The Webmaster took carpe diem as his motto for the day and as soon as we got home from church and ate lunch, he mowed the front yard and backyard, and got moss killer down on both lawns before the rain began again.  Yes, he was happy to have all that done, especially since it looks as if it will rain all week.  His business trip went pretty well (aside from a remote desktop fail issue), and the kids were really excited to have him home on Friday night.

However, today is day 1 of spring break (or day 2 if you include last Friday, but that was technically a “teacher inservice day” and not part of the vacation… yeah), which means that Rerun’s nose is still spouting boogers and those molars still have NOT come in, and Ane is trying to hack up a lung.  I’m actually calling the doctor today, because she definitely has a wheeze going and is complaining of chest pain.  I’m going to make a prediction, given her symptoms (no fever, no congestion, constant hacking cough) and say… bronchitis.  (Everyone else can make their predictions and we’ll see who’s right.)  The funny part is, she’s always complained that she never gets to go to the doctor more than once a year for her checkup.  Now that she actually needs to go in, her pride in her health is getting in the way.  She actually looked at me and said, “But I’ve never been to the doctor when I’m sick!”

And Tad… is fine.  He can now spell “smoke” and “fire” thanks to a fire-fighting episode of Word World.  I’m keeping a running list of words he can spell off the top of his head for his teacher, and my list currently stands at 39 words.  I’ve been adding one or two new words almost every day for the last two weeks.

So, let’s kick off spring break with a trip to the doctor’s office and catching up on all the laundry that the Webmaster brought home with him, shall we?

One Response to “Spring Break Means Rain and Colds”

  1. Ressis
    April 4th, 2011 09:25

    As the mother of an asthmatic, I’ve dealt with bronchitis many times. Without a fever I, though, I lean more toward the possibility that dampness and seasonal allergies have made past congestion settle in her chest. A bronchial infection usually causes a fever. I don’t know how your doctor’s office does things, but ours would do a chest x-ray on Cowgirl to be sure, given her history.