Bed Hog

I can’t believe I’m still nursing Rerun THREE times a day!  He’s 13 months old today, and by this age, I had cut Ane off (since I was pregnant with Tad) and Tad was down to once a day.  I stopped nursing him at 14 months when he started biting.  Not cool.

But Rerun… he is a different story.  He loves nursing.  I can skip an afternoon session if we are on the move, but not if we’re at home.  He gets downright upset if he thinks I’m not going to nurse him sometimes.  And lately he’s been waking up mega-early and cuddling with me after nursing.  Sometimes he’ll fall back asleep.  Sometimes he thinks the bed is his playground, and he becomes a bed hog.

Sharing is not his strong suit at this point in his life.

Go back to the crib, boy.  This is MY bed.

It’s a good thing he’s so snuggly when he’s asleep.  It’s also a good thing that we’re not making a habit out of this.

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