Back to Normal, Please

Well, spring break is over, and it was kind of boring.  Sometimes boring is okay.  Like plain Cheerios.

Between the extremely rainy weather (though the sun did finally appear on Friday) and Ane’s continued recovery from bronchitis, it was an easy week to just lay low and not do anything too exciting.

Though Ane did have a couple of playdates and a birthday party this week, so it’s not like she didn’t do anything fun.  And she begged the Webmaster to go swimming with us on Thursday, so he did, and saw the water babies frolicking for himself.  Tad spent his week negotiating (and begging) for time on the iPad.  Rerun spent his week getting new scrapes and bumps on his forehead.

But, it’s back to normal with us.  Ane and Tad go back to school today, and this week should be fairly normal, except for Tad’s class field trip on Thursday.  All of our regular activities are back on, and we go back to our plain Cheerio life.

Fortunately, some of us know how to make plain Cheerios look extra cute.  And speak a new word while being cute.  Rerun’s official third word is “hi” – which was Ane’s first word.  It’s so adorable to see him pick up a phone (real or toy) and say, “Hi!”  *sigh*  He’s so… normal.

One Response to “Back to Normal, Please”

  1. Nana
    April 11th, 2011 08:52

    Glad Webmaster got to see the water babies in action.
    Say, those Cheerios are extra cute!