We Survived

Although I have lost track of how many loads of laundry I’ve done, here we are on the other side of the weekend.  Rerun is definitely on the mend – though not completely recovered, Tad has a cough now – but no fever, Ane’s been spoiled rotten – tea with Mom on Saturday, lunch with Dad on Sunday, I have a cough now, and the Webmaster is looking forward to escaping the seething cauldron of germs and going to work today.

Poor Rerun definitely has had the worst of it – he was officially diagnosed with bronchiolitis on Thursday, and has had a nebulizer on loan from the pediatrician’s office since.  He has an appointment this morning, and I think I’ll be able to return it to them.  He definitely still wakes up with crud to cough up and has a super-sensitive gag reflex (which has made for lots of vomit laundry), but his fever is gone after a few bad days of running really high and he’s definitely his normal, happy self again.  Give him another week and have him finish out his antibiotics and he’ll be as good as new.

The Webmaster and I traded off this weekend – he had the boys on Saturday while Ane and I ran errands and got haircuts, and went out to tea as a “special treat.”  On Sunday, she and the Webmaster went to church while I stayed home with the boys (Rerun started off the morning by vomiting all over me when his cough caused him to gag), then they went out to pick up cupcakes (Mommy decided that cupcakes were necessary after getting puked on) and decided to go out to lunch together.  Sunday was also the anniversary of our first date – twelve years ago.  Couldn’t really make it a date night – we’ve pawned off our poor sick kids on Grandma and Gichan far too often lately.

Cold season has been really nasty this year.  The crud just keeps getting handed around, and poor Rerun has ended up on the receiving end more often than not.  I’m hoping that we can break the cycle this time.

And if your kid is sick, KEEP AWAY FROM MY BABY.  He’s suffered enough.

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