Wild and Crazy

We’ve had a very wild and crazy week.  Not exactly what I had in mind for the week leading up to Easter.

Rerun has been progressively getting better, but he still puts up quite a fight when it comes to taking his medicine.  The doctor who saw him on Monday also said that he had gotten an ear infection as well – but he had developed it between Friday and Monday, and was already on antibiotics.  So that’s been pretty much taken care of, and thankfully his fever never came back.

Tad, however, has been coughing like crazy.  Grrr.

On Tuesday, I gave up my minivan for the day because the “check engine” light had been on for a few weeks.  And then the traction control function began spontaneously turning itself on.  Not cool.  $500 later, the van is fine, and I had moved Ane’s piano lesson to Thursday.

Wednesday was when everything went crash.  I got a phone call as I was nursing Rerun first thing in the morning from my mother.  She was in the ER with my dad.  Let me tell you, THAT got me moving fast.  I got another phone call right after Ane had gotten on the school bus.  My dad had appendicitis, and was going to be having surgery that day.  Figuring out the rest of the day was quite the marathon.  But on the up side, surgery went fine, and my dad is now at home and recovering nicely.  Ane and Tad made him get-well pictures and we stopped by last night after swimming.  Tad greeted him with, “Hi, Chani!  You all better?”  It was very cute.

Thursday, I just needed peace and quiet, so I skipped MOPS  – which had the added benefit of not taking the boys to child care, which means there was no germ exchange – and took a nap once Tad left for school and Rerun was asleep.  It was great.  Friend canceled piano lessons because she wasn’t feeling well, and the Webmaster got home in time to watch Rerun (who is not healthy enough for the pool yet) so I could take Ane and Tad swimming.

To cap off our week with Good Friday (and we have no service at our church because the main sanctuary is undergoing a working remodel to get a second screen mounted up front), the Webmaster and Ane are going to the Father-Daughter Dance at Ane’s future high school (and my alma mater, Bothell High) tonight.  This is a Very Big Deal because Ane has a brand new dress to wear and this is a big dance – Little Mo and her dad are going, as are some other girls from Ane’s school – for all the elementary schools that feed into the high school.  I will have a Mother-Son movie night at home with the boys.  I’ll let Tad pick the movie.

And there’s the egg hunt at church on Saturday and then lots of picture-taking opportunities on Sunday.  So expect lots of pictures next week.

Happy Easter, everyone!  He is risen!

One Response to “Wild and Crazy”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    April 22nd, 2011 07:03

    I just don’t see how you keep all those balls in the air! Hope your dad was able to have non-invasive surgery and will be back to his teasing self right away.