Follow the Money

Every year, Great-Grandma raids Great-Grandpa’s change jar, fills up her plastic Easter eggs, and stages an Easter egg hunt in their family room.  This began at some point during Auntie’s childhood, but now that Auntie is too old to hunt the eggs, she hides them.

Once the eggs were hidden, the hunt was ON.

Tad was allowed to pick up the “easy” eggs (i.e. the ones hidden out in the open), while Ane was told to leave those alone and hunt for the harder ones.  For the most part, she did.

Tad needed help for some of the eggs, so Auntie gave him a boost.

Once all the eggs had been found (Auntie counted them as she hid them, so she knew how many there were), the counting of the loot began.

Ane has been working on counting money in math this year at school, but Tad simply sees coins and says, “Wow!  Look, two monies!”  Guess we need to address that in his plurals work in ABA therapy.

Rerun wasn’t old enough for this fun, but once the eggs were empty, he had to see if Great-Grandma’s eggs tasted different than the church ones.

Apparently not.

The kids had a wonderful Easter… thank you to everyone who made their Easter fun!

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