High Notes

April ended on a high weather note.

However, our Saturday plans were shot when Tad threw up on Friday night and generally felt cruddy for the next 18 hours.  He stayed home from Sunday school, but he really has recovered well.  I’ll be sending him to school today.

And then May started off on a REALLY high note…  We were enjoying our evening at Friend and Doc’s house, playing baseball with the kids after dinner and having some ice cream… when Oddball called the Webmaster.  When that call ended, the Webmaster said, “Turn on the news, NOW.”

And that is how we learned that Osama had been dispatched to his just reward… which I know was not 72 virgins.

For the seven children gathered around the four adults, who were all born in a post 9/11 world… they didn’t really understand or care.

The adults did.

When we got home from Friend and Doc’s last night, and were getting the kids inside, we heard a neighbor lighting off a firework.

I know the Webmaster was wishing we had some to light off, too.

One Response to “High Notes”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    May 2nd, 2011 06:10

    I really hope that your Saturday outing can be done next week-end. I’m sure all will enjoy seeing the exibition.