Breaking the Bank

Tad had a rough weekend.  It started with throwing up all over the couch on Friday night thanks to a sensitive gag reflex, a high fever, and heaving up twice more Saturday morning.  This led to our planned outing with Nana and Papa being canceled – much to Ane’s distress (I believe she was claiming that he always does this to her!).  She ended up enjoying the sunny weather with Little Mo as they rode bikes and played outside, so her day wasn’t a total loss.

The fever broke Saturday afternoon, but since the Webmaster had to work from home on Sunday morning for a scheduled thing, we decided to just have Tad stay at home to finish recovering.  He was happy and completely normal all day Sunday, with a regular appetite and attitude.  So, I was thinking, Good!  He won’t miss school on Monday!

Monday morning, Tad woke up and told the Webmaster, “My ear hurts.  My bed hurt my ear.”

When I asked him where it hurt, he pointed to his right ear.  Again.  And again.  And again.

So I called and made an appointment at the pediatrician’s office.

Tad then told me, “My ear’s all better!”

I was thinking that maybe he’d just slept on it funny, but after the weekend he’d had, I decided that it wasn’t worth taking that chance.  Plus, I would be able to ask the doctor about his persistent cough.

Though I did vow to myself that if this turned out to be a fool’s errand, I was seriously going to raid his fire truck bank to help cover his insurance deductible.

So I dropped Rerun off at Grandma and Gichan’s, and took Tad to see the pediatrician.

After recounting his weekend, and what he had said about his ear, the pediatrician listened to his lungs.  All clear.

Then he checked his right ear – the one Tad had said was hurting.

“Oh, yeah – that’s an ear infection.”  Then he checked the other ear.  “Fluid in that one.”  Then he looked at his throat.  “Yup, his nose is draining straight down his throat.”

Turns out the cold that gave Ane bronchitis and Rerun bronchiolitis and an ear infection… has now given Tad a bad cough and an ear infection.

So Tad ended up staying home from school and getting a full day’s worth of antibiotics in his system before going back today.  It’s class picture day, so I really want him to be there.

Have I mentioned how much I really, really hate this particular cold season?

But at least Tad’s bank is safe from his mother’s clutches.

2 Responses to “Breaking the Bank”

  1. Ressis
    May 3rd, 2011 13:54

    Ew, I’m suddenly glad we’re not around to share that crud.

  2. Aunt Mary
    May 3rd, 2011 17:55

    You certainly have had more than your share of sick little ones this winter. Hope this is the end of it.