Live from the iPad

Well, the computer is off until tech support can get a good look at it. So I am blogging from the iPad right now. In bed. Hmm, I could get used to this… except that the touch keyboard is kind of awkward. I can’t type as quickly as I normally can.

I must again say what a marvel this device is. However did we get along in this house without it? I took it to show Tad’s teacher and speech therapist during Tuesday’s IEP meeting, just so they could get a look at all the word and spelling apps that he’s been using, along with all the books that we now have on there – all Dr. Seuss and Little Critter right now, but I’m sure that our library will grow over time. Tad’s teacher is planning on writing a grant to submit to the district’s technology fund, and if she gets it, a couple of iPads for the classroom are high on her list. And I’ve been taking it to Ane’s class to have each kid work on the math apps. Math is much more fun when done on an iPad, you know.

Even Rerun wants to play with it. I have a general rule that no one
under two should be handling it. I’m sure I will adjust that rule accordingly as he gets older. Of course, what Rerun really wants is anything that has buttons, lights up and makes noise. He keeps stealing my cell phone – and then cries and cries when it gets confiscated.

So, hopefully I’ll be back to my normal typing ability once the Webmaster gets back. If not, well… At least I can blog in comfort, in bed, on the iPad. If it has any charge left in it after the kids are through with it.

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