The kids get out of school next week.  To celebrate, I scheduled a dental cleaning for them.

Yes, I know I’m being cruel.

Tad has a very loose tooth (his bottom right front incisor), and I can actually see the permanent tooth coming in right under and behind the baby one.  I told Tad he was growing a shark tooth, which he thought was funny.  I wonder how he will deal with losing a tooth.  Somehow, I don’t think it will be quite as traumatic as his sister’s first experience with losing a tooth – especially when he learns that there is money involved.  That boy is obsessed with getting money for that Larry-Mobile.  Grandma has repeatedly offered him money for doing small chores at her house, but he can’t stick with anything long enough to earn much.  Ane’s walked off with more cash than he has for these chores, but she’s saving up for the grand opening of the American Girl store at Alderwood Mall next month, so she’s looking to earn a little extra.

Last night, Tad kept telling me that his mouth hurt, and then he would point to the back of his mouth, behind his molar on his right side.  He then claimed that he needed “cocoa to make it all better.”

I took a look inside his mouth, and discovered why it might be hurting.

His six-year-old molar on that side is coming in.

I made him the cocoa.  He said that it was “all better” after that.

If only more things in life could be solved by the judicious application of hot cocoa…

One Response to “Teeth”

  1. Emily
    June 16th, 2011 12:42

    Sweet! I have found a good deal of comfort in cocoa myself! 🙂 I completely forget that kids still get teeth after their first few years of life! I’ve found this Mom’s Guide to have helpful tooth info for where I’ve been at with my 3 and 5 year olds, but I guess I should read ahead to what we will be dealing with next. You might find this to have good info and creative tips for your kids, too.