Time Marches On

It was a year ago yesterday that the Webmaster and I sat down in a psychologist’s office with Tad, with all of our testing complete, and heard the words, “Your son has autism.”

While that moment may be frozen in time for me, it has definitely marched onward for Tad.  He lost his very first tooth on Saturday.

The tooth had been wiggly for a while (and the permanent tooth was coming in right behind and under it), but Tad started really complaining about it on Saturday morning while we were out at University Village with Doc, his parents, and the Brain, Head and Rupert.  The tooth was wiggling pretty freely and bleeding, which was bothering Tad a lot.  I finally was able to bribe him with the promise of ice cream, cut myself a piece of gauze, and gave his tooth a couple of good yanks.

I wanted to cry when I felt it give way.

Many things can be made better with these mini dipped chocolate cones from Trader Joe’s.

Tad is growing up, and even though he has come so far in just one year since his diagnosis, he is still behind.  It’s always been easy for me to think of him as “little” and focus on the here and now.  As he gets older, I am afraid that his deficits will only become more apparent, and not be excused as readily as they are now by the outside world.

You can get away with so much when you are “little.”

But Tad’s not little anymore.

The Tooth Fairy left him a quarter (which prompted a great deal of commotion on Sunday morning, when he burst into our bedroom and yelled, “Mama!  Daddy!  I got MONIES!”), and then he raked in cash from the rest of the family (Grandma, Auntie, and Obachan) at church.  Between that and the 25% off coupon I found, that Larry-Mobile toy could be a reality very soon.

And time keeps marching onward, whether I am prepared for it or not.

One Response to “Time Marches On”

  1. Ressis
    June 20th, 2011 04:43

    Look at his eyelashes! That’s not fair!