Summer Swingin’

Rerun tried out the swing at one of our local parks a little over a week ago.  He was a little nervous about it initially, but so long as Mama was right nearby, he was all smiles.

I didn’t push my luck, though – I took him out after only a few minutes.  Neither Ane or Tad liked the swings at this age – it took both of them until kindergarten to actually like it.  And Tad still wants to be pushed (he hasn’t quite figured out how to pump his legs) or “fly” on his stomach.

Last Thursday, we were all back at the park with some of our friends from church, and I had Rerun swing again – which also allowed me to push Tad at the same time.

He stayed in there a little bit longer, and I let Tad push him (with me standing right there to make sure that Rerun didn’t get pushed out or over.  It was controlled pushing).

He’s still more interested in eating bark, but this is a good beginning with the swings!

One Response to “Summer Swingin’”

  1. Ressis
    June 27th, 2011 05:28

    I’m glad the weather is nice enough that you can have playground fun! We miss you guys!