Good News/Bad News

Good news: Tad is not allergic to bee stings.

Bad news: He got stung twice – once on the right thumb, once on his left arm.  Apparently he was trying to swat whatever was buzzing around him (not a honeybee, since that would only have one stinger in it), and caught it on the thumb as he swatted it away… directly into his arm.  That’s the working theory, anyway.  He was playing in Grandma and Gichan’s backyard when this happened, and I was having a much-overdue eye exam.

This kid never does anything by half-measures, it seems.

I think I need a pick-me-up after this.  Oh, look!  A cute baby trying to use a fork!

The hands are still much more efficient, though.

And when it comes to food, he’s pretty ambidextrous.  Shocking, I know.

Today is the Webmaster’s birthday!  The kids and I are going to have to think of something fun to do for him tonight – maybe we’ll clean up the living room BEFORE he comes home!  🙂

2 Responses to “Good News/Bad News”

  1. Ressis
    June 29th, 2011 03:47

    Happy Birthday, Webmaster!

  2. Nana
    June 29th, 2011 06:15

    Happy Day, Webmaster! Hope your card arrives today. Dad sez: You’re almost catching up with us. Ha!