Wild Animals

We spent a good chunk of yesterday (the Webmaster’s birthday, but he was working) with Grandma, Auntie, and Libby at the zoo.  Here is the first wild animal I took a picture of:

And here’s another one that I found in the penguin exhibit:

My word.  These children are becoming so comfortable with the zoo that they think they can just lounge out.

Auntie had just got back from Disney World the previous night, so the kids were excited to see her, but she was pretty tired.  But that didn’t stop her from being her usual helping hand with the kids, and posing for a cute picture with her youngest nephew.

Libby and Ane enjoyed being in each other’s company, and Tad is very used to being around Libby, so anything he does really doesn’t throw her off too much.

The day was cloudy, but it didn’t rain on us.  It was fairly windy, so the jackets were needed.  The bears were especially enjoying the overcast day.

The bears were being quite the poseurs.  Seriously.

The other big poseur of the day was the peacock we saw in the Family Farm area.

Apparently, the peacock was telling a goat to back off.  The goat was eating and did not give a care what the peacock was doing.  In a pen full of goats, the sight of a peacock threatening a goat was pretty comical.  I later saw a sign that warned visitors to give the peafowl that roam the zoo a wide berth – it’s mating season and they are pretty touchy right now.

I believe it.

While we were at the Family Farm, Rerun tried to make conversation with a goat.

Making conversation also included sticking his fingers in the fence for the goat to sniff and lick.  I was afraid that he’d get nipped, so I did pull his fingers out quickly.

The kids also discovered the play tractor.

Tad tried to fix it…

Rerun observed his brother carefully while Ane tried to drive.

Libby informed us all that she was a princess farmer.  I asked her what kinds of princesses she grew and she sighed at me.  Auntie asked her if she grew tiaras and glitter.

Rerun thought the whole thing was pretty fun.

We had a pretty full day at the zoo.

Rerun ended up taking a half hour nap in his stroller, and then woke up on our way out and refused to go back to sleep.  He was downright cranky by dinnertime and went to bed an hour and a half earlier than usual.  The other two got to celebrate their Dad’s birthday with cupcakes from our favorite shop that we picked up on our way home from the zoo.

I think I can safely say that a fun day was had by all!

2 Responses to “Wild Animals”

  1. Nana
    June 30th, 2011 07:06

    Enjoyed visiting the zoo with you! Being on a tractor would come naturally, as the kids’ ancestors were farmers, including Papa.

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    July 7th, 2011 01:29

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