Ane’s New Skill

Look what a certain young lady learned to do last Friday!

The Webmaster had seen this video, and knew immediately that he wanted to try this method with Ane.  The method we were using previously (take training wheels off, hold bike steady from behind, try to let go, tears and wailing ensue, put training wheels back on) wasn’t working for any of us.

And in 15 minutes, Ane had mastered how to ride a bike without training wheels.  She was so proud of herself that I thought her cheeks were going to cramp up with all the smiling.  The Webmaster was so pumped that it had worked, and the two of them went on a (slow) bike ride around of our neighborhood to celebrate.

The Webmaster then took both Ane and Tad out to see Cars 2 on Saturday morning (which everyone enjoyed), and then to Target to buy new bike helmets for everyone.  Ane was still wearing the Sesame Street one that she had had since she first got a bike (on her third birthday), and neither of Tad’s two helmets (he had one to use at preschool for two years, and one for home) fit his head properly anymore.  Ane got a pink flowered helmet, and Tad found a Batman helmet.  There was a shark one, with a fin on top, but he wanted the Batman one.  And he’s willing to wear it, which is the most important part.

Now, if we can just get Tad to give up his tricycle and try out a bike… he has issues with braking.  Meaning that he doesn’t know how – there are no brakes on a trike.  And he won’t touch Ane’s old bicycle, because it’s pink.  Ohhh, he is SO a boy.

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