Take Them Out

… to a minor league ball game!  In our case, the Everett AquaSox.  We took in a game with some friends yesterday.

The best part about minor league ball games is that the atmosphere is much more relaxed.  So much so that the team mascot will just come and sit down next to you during a game.

That is Webbly, the team mascot.  He’s a frog… I think.  The Webmaster was letting Rerun walk around down on the big open field next to the baseball diamond, which is why he’s not in this picture.  Rerun did enjoy the game, though.

Anytime there was dancing or clapping to be done, Rerun was your go-to boy.

The AquaSox lost when the opposing team got a grand slam in the 7th inning, but we stayed until the bitter end to watch.  Because we are TRUE fans.  And because I was getting Rerun into his pajamas and ready for bed, and the Webmaster couldn’t just pack up and leave until I was done.

I had forgotten just how comfortable it is – and how low-stress, compared to a Mariners game – to go to a minor league game.  And the parking is free, and it’s much closer to home.  Even though Tad was asking to go home by the end of the third inning, the kids did have a good time.

I think we might do this again!

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