Summer School Ends

Well, this is it.  Our carefully crafted schedule for the month of July ends today with the summer school session.

It has been a little strange, sending him off in the morning, getting him back in the afternoon, and not having any regular contact with his teacher or the support staff.  I got so used to being in the classroom once a week during the school year, and keeping my finger on the pulse of the class that way, that to just hear about Tad’s day via the daily communication book (which is a great invention, let me tell you – it comes home every day with him and lets me know in general terms how each day went) is odd.

Still, I gather that things have gone fairly well.  Since the class was only 3 and a half weeks long, Tad never got as “settled” as he would have been (and was) during the regular school year.  He’s needed a lot of refocusing and reminding, but I could tell that he was enjoying the class and all the activities they were doing.  He never complained about having to go to school at all.  And according to his bus driver, his behavior on the bus has been exemplary.  Of course, he fell asleep about half the time on the ride home, but that’s beside the point…

School starts for both Ane and Tad on August 31st.  My goal until then is to keep them both busy so they will not kill each other.

One Response to “Summer School Ends”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    July 28th, 2011 07:08

    You may have a special kid, but your kids are so normal.
    I loved yesterday’s ‘cuddle’ but my comment wouldn’t register.