More, Mommy, More!

Tad has gotten back into eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast in the mornings.  I love it, especially considering that his sister, Ms. High Maintenance, will not touch cereal.  Any cereal.  Ever.  And especially not cereal that has gotten wet with milk.  But I digress…

Tad’s favorite cereal is Cheerios, and he will eat plain ones with no problems, but he LOVES the chocolate ones.

And now… Rerun has discovered the chocolate Cheerios, too.

He gets them as treats, and he thinks they are “cookies,” so no one tell him otherwise, okay?

I need to remember to put the boxes away in the pantry.  With Rerun becoming an expert climber, someday I might turn around and find him helping himself right out of the box.

That would probably make for an excellent blog post with some really cute pictures.  Still, cereal doesn’t grow on trees, you know.  And even if it did, Ane still wouldn’t eat them.


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