Bikes in the evening

The weather has been so mild lately, which makes for perfect bike riding weather.  We, however, have been on the go-go-go for several days now, so there’s been no chance to stop and let the kids ride.

Yesterday evening, though, I took a much-needed run to the grocery store, and the Webmaster turned the older two loose in our cul-de-sac on their bikes.

Ane has been steadily improving her control of her bike each time that she rides.  She has taken a couple of spills, but she doesn’t let that keep her down – she just gets patched up and gets back on again.

Tad is definitely enjoying his new hand-me-down bike that is not pink.  And his new Batman helmet.  I don’t see him being anywhere near ready to take the training wheels off, and that’s not a direction I think he’s ready to be pushed in.  I’m just going to let him enjoy the novelty of riding an actual bike instead of a tricycle, and let him learn to master foot brakes, before I can even think about setting him loose without training wheels.

Rerun enjoyed just keeping his Dad running while they were outside.

At least he had shoes on.  And I can tell that he’s just waiting for the day that he’s old enough to use Tad’s old trike.

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