Birthday Doings

Tad’s birthday was on Friday, but the partying began on Thursday.  We decided that Tad was finally mature enough to have his own kid party, and I knew the best place to have a kid party for him would be Pump It Up.

There are several jumping party places in the area, but I think Pump It Up has the best prices, plus you have a private jumping area.  No one else can just wander into your party – and no one can wander out of your party – unless they walk through the front entrance.  This type of party was ideal for Tad because 1) it gave everyone something to do and not have to really worry about taking turns, 2) I didn’t have to organize or make Tad cooperate with any party games, 3) it wore all the kids out, and 4) I didn’t have to clean my house for a kids’ party.

We invited friends from church, either kids who Tad knows through our small group, Sunday school, or Cubbies.  This also meant that Ane had some friends to play with, too, since I invited sibling pairs (or trios, in one case) to make it easier for parents to come.

Rerun also had fun, but not so much on the bouncing and jumping end of things.  There were several balls floating around…

… and a car to drive…

… and an Auntie to play with him.

I’ll just say it again – I am really going to miss her when she leaves for college next month.

Tad had a fabulous time bouncing his brains out –

– and was thrilled with the Batman cupcakes that Auntie had made for the party.

There were Hello Kitty cupcakes in the back for the girls.

Tad had a great time opening presents…

… and reveled in the fact that this was HIS party.

He did very well with the other kids, especially considering all the sugar and excitement.  I had him thank each kid personally as he handed out their goodies (each kid got a new pack of crayons, the boys got Batman coloring books and the girls got Hello Kitty coloring books), which was a very good social exercise for him.

Friday, his actual birthday, is his usual therapy day.  He didn’t have ABA (his therapist is on a two-week training break), but he did have his regular speech session.  However, I took him to the mall to get his pictures taken before speech therapy, and he did so spectacularly well that he earned himself a cookie and chocolate milk at Panera.  After speech, I took his annual “chair pictures” –

– and then ordered pizza, because Auntie and her boyfriend Jay were baby-sitting the kids for us that evening.  The Webmaster and I had dinner reservations.  It was our anniversary too, after all!  But I did let Tad open one present – his gift from Uncle Captain, Aunt Q-Bee, and cousins Belle, Berry, Beth and Bette:

He was so excited over this gift – he’s been wanting it every single time he sees it at either Target or Toys ‘R Us.

And then yesterday, we took the family out to Red Robin for lunch after church, so Tad could get sung to and have an ice-cream sundae.

And Red Robin was nice enough to bring out little ice creams for siblings who had unbirthdays.

So far, he’s making the most out of turning six.

And we have one more chance to celebrate – the family party on Saturday!  I have ordered a Batman ice cream cake.  I wonder why?

And I’m sure that he’d rather his birthday be forgotten in the midst of all of Tad’s hoopla – but today is Gichan’s birthday!  Happy birthday, Dad – we love you!

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