Rerun Update

I’m glad I’m writing this today, instead of yesterday.  Rerun is much improved.

He came down sick at Tad’s party, but we honestly thought he had just choked on his food.  So we weren’t certain what to do, but we started making plans for church the next morning.

However, after the Webmaster and Ane had left early (the Webmaster was doing sound, and Ane was helping in the kitchen),  and I roused the boys to get ready, I changed my mind.  Rerun was dragging, and he looked miserable.  I fed him breakfast, which promptly came back up.  Well, that was that.  We stayed home, which Tad was not at all bothered about, since it gave him some extra playtime with all of his birthday gifts.

Rerun clung to me miserably, took an early nap, and then threw up again in the evening after trying to eat.

Wash, rinse, repeat for Monday.  Seriously.  The Webmaster ended up taking a sick day to help out, and he took Tad to his swimming lesson, and I tried to make hay while Rerun was napping and start getting Ane’s room packed up for the Great Room Swap.  Rerun was not improving, though, and the only thing he was keeping down was breast milk.  I was down to nursing him once a day, but I went back to three times a day just to get some liquid and protein into him to keep him sort of nourished and hydrated.

Yesterday morning, he threw up twice as I tried to worry a little Cream of Rice with mashed banana into him.  He also tossed up all of the water and Pedialyte I was trying to pump into him.  That was it.  I put another call into the pediatrician’s office (I’d talked to the nurse on Monday), and got Rerun an appointment for the afternoon.

He’d had his nap by the time we left – and boy, was I plenty nervous about driving him around in the car – and seemed to be in better spirits.  Ane and Tad were downright ecstatic to be leaving the house – they were going stir-crazy.  I left them at Grandma and Gichan’s house to play with Auntie and Libby (nope, neither of them are showing even the slightest hint of being sick, thankfully – and they’ve had enough exposure), and I took Rerun to see Dr. B., who is not his regular doctor, but who I have seen before with Tad.

Naturally, as soon as Rerun entered the office, he was his normal, cheerful, friendly self again.  He even stole a spoon out of his diaper bag, showed me how to eat with it, babbled happily and then giggled, as if he’d made a joke in babble and then laughed at himself.

Who was this child and where was the monster from The Exorcist that I’d been living with for the last three days???

When Dr. B. came in, Rerun charmed her as she checked him over.  She said that yes, this was most likely viral, and we could give him some over-the-counter probiotics to help restore his intestinal bacteria, but that it looked like he’d turned the corner.  She congratulated me on having upped the nursing to keep him hydrated – “With as much vomiting as he’s been doing, our concern is always dehydration, so, congratulations.  You’ve managed to keep him out of the hospital.”

We stopped off at Top Foods for a bottle of liquid probiotics (it looks like a runny yogurt), and I bought myself a iced white chocolate mocha at Starbucks (medication for Mommy).  I am pleased to say that Rerun managed to keep a light dinner of white bread toast, saltine Goldfish crackers, and applesauce mixed with probiotics (all fed to him over the course of two hours) down, and his spirits seem to have returned to normal.

Now, I am keeping all my fingers and toes crossed, hoping that he is really on the mend and that Ane and Tad don’t sudden come down with this virus.  School starts in one week, you know.

2 Responses to “Rerun Update”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    August 24th, 2011 06:36

    Only one more week? Wow! That was fast!

  2. Nana
    August 25th, 2011 07:09

    So funny & typical of what happens when you take “monsters” to the dr.office! And again, Mom’s milk saves the day.