Room Swap Update

I’m foregoing Flashback Friday today to post an update on the Great Room Swap…

Ane is officially sleeping out in the living room after we did some major work in the “big” room yesterday.  As soon as Tad’s party was over last Saturday, and between Rerun’s episodes of being sick, we’ve managed to pack up quite a bit of Ane’s room and move it into the garage after making some space in there.  Auntie came over last night for dinner, furniture help and crowd control.  Between her, the Webmaster, and me, Ane’s dresser and empty bookcase are now temporarily placed in our living room, and the Webmaster began taking carpet up underneath the window.  This was a very time-consuming process.

This also gave us a more complete look at the hardwood floor that exists underneath the carpet.

It’s very intriguing.  The floor itself looks to be in pretty good condition, although there would be a need for wood filler to fill in some cracks within the slats themselves, and to take care of holes left behind by nails and staples.  After the Webmaster yanked out staples and took the tack strips up, he had cleared a two-foot wide strip of floor.

The floor is in need of a sanding and sealing, though it was varnished/sealed at some point, because there is some kind of finish on it.  There are some flaws here and there, but overall, it just might be salvageable.  We will have a couple of people take a good look at the whole floor once it’s up before we decide what we will do.  At any rate, the old green carpet is going away, and as I commented to the Webmaster, “I think we just upped the value on the house.”

So, Ane slept out in the living room, because the Webmaster didn’t want her sleeping in her own bed with whatever stuff was now floating in the air after yanking carpet up.  The next step – and our goal for the weekend – is to completely clear the room of furniture by taking Ane’s daybed apart (the only way to move it from room to room, as it won’t fit through the doorways in one piece), clear out the rest of the odds and ends and the closet, and get the rest of the carpet out of the room.

In the meantime, if you visit, please don’t comment on the state of our living room at the moment.  It’s only temporary!

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