Feel The Burn

I was up on a ladder last night, painting by flashlight, when I suddenly realized why my shins have bruises on them.

Oh, look how I’m leaning awkwardly on this ladder!  It’s right where those bruises are!


The cardio involved in house painting has been amazing.  My legs ache like crazy, along with the arches of my feet.  Climb up the ladder, climb down the ladder.  Up, down.  Up, down.  Up, down.

Grandma and Auntie came over for dinner last night (they brought the gyoza, I brought the teriyaki chicken and rice) and they kept an eye on the kids while the Webmaster did more clean up work and I finished giving the east side of the house (which is the front) its first coat of paint.  Even though it is plenty warm, I can tell summer is drawing to a quick close because the sun is setting sooner.  The Webmaster was holding a flashlight and giving me some extra light to paint by, and I had the light of the front door lamp and the lights over the garage as well, but it was definitely night time when I finished.  While we were outside, though, Rerun was putting on quite a show for Grandma and Auntie.  Apparently he started dancing to a song, and they were both tickled by his wild arm-waving and foot-stomping moves.

Anyway, the front has one coat of color, which will probably do until this weekend, when I can dedicate more time to painting by daylight.

Maybe the bruises on my shins will be mostly gone before I add new ones to them.

And now I really have to get caught up on the indoor housework.  That laundry’s not going to wash and fold itself.

2 Responses to “Feel The Burn”

  1. Cousin Shelley
    September 7th, 2011 07:00

    When I worked in the Christmas trees during the summer…I had a black & purple bruise the length of my right side from leaning on the ladder everyday. Ugliest wound I’ve ever had. You reminded me of that. 🙂 The house looks good!

  2. Erin
    September 7th, 2011 19:44

    Why is it that when you have a major project, the regular chores like dishes and clothes just seem to keep going? Don’t they know you are preoccupied? I wondered the same thing when we were packing up the house….