Color Me Blue

This is the new boys’ room, waiting for paint.

We painted this room almost six years ago, when we were getting it ready for Ane and giving Tad the nursery and crib.  Back then, I chose a light periwinkle color because it was a versatile color and would do well for a little girl.

Now I have two boys who are going to move into the room, and it’s time to turn it blue.

The light blue is painted on opposite walls – the walls their beds will rest against (as our current floor plan sits).  The alternating walls, which are broken up by the window on one side, and the closet doors and bedroom door on the opposite site, will be a darker shade of blue.

Tad looked in on me while I was painting last night and said, “Mama, you are painting the walls blue?”

“Yes, I am.  This is going to be your new room, and it’s going to feel like an ocean,” I told him.

He looked around the room.  “That’s so cool!” he exclaimed.

We’re hoping to have the room ready by this weekend, if we can get the paint and molding done.

2 Responses to “Color Me Blue”

  1. Grandma
    September 14th, 2011 07:37

    I am excited by his response and enthusiasm!

  2. Handy Mom
    September 17th, 2011 20:05

    The ocean is a perfect place for a shark boy to sleep! Maybe that will keep him in his own bed at night? 🙂