A Place For A Girl To Dream

Ane’s room makeover… IS DONE.

The walls are a lovely shade of cherry blossom pink, and the molding went in on Saturday morning.

Ane was actually away Friday evening and all day Saturday – she spent the night at Grandma and Gichan’s house, then went with them to see Auntie and her team play a couple of exhibition softball games at Auntie’s university.  The school is about 90 minutes away, so it does make for an all-day trip, but Ane had a good time seeing Auntie’s dorm room and spending time with her.  Ane gets a little weepy now and then, missing Auntie.  They had a chat on Skype yesterday afternoon, too, so that also helped.

So, while Ane was away, the Webmaster and I made the effort to get this room DONE.  We had all the molding painted and drying by Friday night/Saturday morning – it was 3 am by the time we went to bed.  On Saturday we dragged ourselves out of bed, the Webmaster got started on putting the molding in place while I took Tad to a birthday party (more on that tomorrow).  Once the molding was nailed in and the touch-ups were done, we started assembling the bed and moving other furniture in.  This is the first time that we’ve had a twin bed in this room, so our perceptions were a little off in how we had thought everything would fit, so we’re still working on how we want to place everything.  Still, by the time Ane came home on Saturday night, her bed was constructed and being made up (Grandma lent a hand), and while we still have lots to unpack and put back together and reorganize, Ane is sleeping in her very own room again after 6 weeks of sleeping on the couch.

The decor is not up yet – the cherry blossom wall decals that we ordered can’t go up yet, because the instructions say to wait two weeks before placing them on freshly painted walls.  And until we decide where they will go, or how much of them we will use, I don’t want to hang anything up just yet.  So the room is not quite yet done, but the hardest part is over by a long shot.

I did wash her new cherry blossom sheets and the coordinating pink striped duvet cover (which I put over her lavender flannel comforter) and made the bed up with them, and I washed and ironed the white eyelet dust ruffle, so the bed looks very nice.  We have two striped pillow shams that we’ll put on her bed – once we get pillows for them.

As you can see, her bookcase looks rather empty.  We’ve unpacked one more box of books since this was taken, but this will give me a good opportunity to shift some more little kid/baby books out of her room and into the boys’ room (the one great advantage of this room swap was that we gained some more bookshelves), and move some of my books that she will be growing into over the next few years into her bookcase.

When Ane got home on Saturday and saw her room, she was thrilled.  And when we told her that she would be sleeping in there that night, she would have turned cartwheels if she could have.  We have one very happy girl on our hands.  And once we get more of her things unpacked, put up some decorations and make this room her very own – I will be a very happy mom.

3 Responses to “A Place For A Girl To Dream”

  1. Auntie
    October 10th, 2011 10:15

    Typo! You said Ane’s University! its mine :] Although according to Dad, she wants to go where I go! Although when I was her age I wanted to go to Yale, so she’ll probably change her mind! But you chose a good color for the walls! very girl!

  2. Ressis
    October 10th, 2011 10:44

    I looks great!

  3. Ressis
    October 10th, 2011 10:47

    Sorry, I meant to put “It looks great!”