Tooth Service

Today’s previously planned post is being preempted for breaking news…

Tad lost another tooth!

This tooth had been getting looser all the time, and a few days ago I noticed that the permanent tooth had broken through right behind it.  I knew that it was only a matter of time before it came out, and I was helping him wiggle it.  Tad told me that it was bothering him and asked me to pull it out, but it just wasn’t loose enough.

Then right before bedtime, Tad walked up to me and said, “Mama, I pulled my tooth out.  Here.”

He then handed me the tiny little tooth.

It’s a good thing I’m not squeamish.

The tooth is now safely in a plastic baggie under his pillow, awaiting the Tooth Fairy.  He is very excited to be getting “monies to put in my fire truck piggy bank.”

Note to self: Boy can handle his own teeth.  I am glad that he decided to pull it out at home!

One Response to “Tooth Service”

  1. Auntie
    October 11th, 2011 10:19

    Your kids are wiping me out!