Flashback Friday

It’s time for another trip down memory lane…

Today is a teacher inservice day, so we’re going to head to the zoo to spend the day.  The kids haven’t been there since right before school began, and the weather seems like it will hold off on the rain just enough to make for a fairly pleasant day.

Today’s flashback involves three kids and a tractor…

… and the one and only time any of us fed a giraffe.

That giraffe feeding is a total racket.  $5 per person for a giraffe that might be hungry, and you get one branch of leaves to feed them.  In this picture, Ane was still young enough to do this for free, so I paid for myself and took her.

At least the giraffes obliged us by eating the leaves.  Still, never again.

These pictures are all from May 2007, when Little Cousin and her mom and dad (Ressis and Oddball) were visiting, and before Little Cowgirl was born.  We miss you, Little Cousin!  (And Little Cowgirl, too.)

Happy weekend, everyone!

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