Dinner Conversation

Last night’s dinner: Au gratin potatoes and ham, with green peas on the side.

Ane, before dinner:  “Mom, stop saying French words like au gratin.  And avocado.”

Me:  “Avocado is not a French word.”

Ane: “Oh.”


During dinner…

Tad, after scarfing down all of his peas first, then eating the potatoes:  “Mama, can I have some more peas?”

Me: (nearly fainting from shock)  “YES!!!”  (scurry to bring him more peas)

He eats a second helping of peas.  Then a third.  Then a fourth.  He keeps asking, I keep giving.  I don’t question the miracle happening before my eyes.

Ane: (watching her brother in disgust)  “This is getting annoying.”

One Response to “Dinner Conversation”

  1. Auntie
    October 19th, 2011 11:19

    I miss food! And Ane failing at trying to be a smart ass! Its always so funny!