Flashback Friday

This week has turned into an unexpectedly busy one.  Rerun and I have been out and about almost every single morning this week.  Yesterday, we went to the Playroom – our church’s monthly indoor play time for kids.  While Rerun ran around playing with all sorts of different toys, especially the Little Tikes cars, I got to hold a three-week-old baby (who was born on my birthday, incidentally) while I chatted with his mom.

Rerun saw me holding him and promptly ran to me, flung his arms around my neck, and tried to climb into my lap.  He did this twice, and once I gave up the baby to another friend, he gave me a huge hug and patted me on the back.

Someone needed a little reassuring, I think.

But I do miss those tiny baby days.

Though the toddler who lives here now is an absolute joy.

He also loves mac ‘n cheese.

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