Ane Speaks – it’s all about semantics

We drove down to visit Nana and Papa this last Saturday.  And when I say “visit,” it really means “have stamp camp and make money.”  Sort of.

I did do a Christmas stamp camp at my mother-in-law’s church, which she hosted with the help of the pastor’s wife.  I had 12 people committed to coming, with 3 possible.  So I prepared for 15, and 11 showed up.

That is a lot of people!

Ane went with me and helped out a little, while the boys stayed with their Dad and Papa back at Nana and Papa’s house and played and watched movies.

On our way out of town, the Webmaster decided that he wanted to stop by the cemetery to see his grandparents’ graves.  He knew exactly where they were, so it was a short stop, but then he walked on a little further and found the grave of one of his high school friend’s mom, who he had known well.

Ane finally tore her gaze away from Angry Birds on the iPad and asked, “What is Daddy doing outside?”

“We’re at the cemetery, Ane.  Daddy decided to stop and look at his grandma and grandpa’s graves – your great-grandma and great-grandpa,” I told her.

“Oh, because this is where they’re planted?”

Well, in a manner of speaking…

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