Our Super Halloween

Superheroes, that is!

We had both the Caped Crusader…

… who was ready to fight crime…

… along with his faithful sidekick, the Boy Wonder!

The Boy Wonder would not wear his mask after taking this one picture, so his secret identity was revealed.

And we had a beautiful ballerina, too.

She was either Clara or the Sugar Plum Fairy from the Nutcracker Ballet – it depends on which version of the story you ascribe to.

The kids were very excited to get out there and start trick-or-treating.  It was the first year that Tad actually could anticipate it happening, and then enjoy it as fully as other kids can.  Ane has hit the age where she is more choosy about her candy – though she loves most kinds.  And Rerun is just beginning to learn about the candy.

It’s not going to take him long to catch on.

On our way to Obachan’s, the Webmaster had to stop Rerun from eating a miniature Krackel from out of his pumpkin – wrapper and all.  He might have actually swallowed some it.  But he loved the chocolate!

Obachan gave the kids senbei – which are also known as “unfortunate cookies.”  Rerun LOVES them.  He loves any kind of cookie.

We let the kids each pick one treat to eat after dinner.  Ane picked a small package of Skittles.  Tad ate a mini Hershey bar.  Rerun… kept eating senbei.

Though the cookies Grandma gave him and the goldfish crackers Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa gave him came close to being chosen.  If it is small and crunchy – to Rerun, it’s a cookie.

We hope everyone had an equally happy and successful Halloween!

2 Responses to “Our Super Halloween”

  1. Ressis
    November 1st, 2011 09:28

    So cute!

  2. Nana
    November 3rd, 2011 07:01

    Thank you for the pictures that make us smile!