Outsmarting Mommy

Rerun has gotten to the climbing stage – and he is literally climbing up on EVERYTHING.  He wants to be out and about.  And we now have to buckle him down every single time he sits in the high chair, because he stood up and jumped out of it on Sunday morning.  The tray was still on.  He took a bit of a tumble (visions of Tad’s broken arm flashed before my eyes), but he came out of it in one piece.  Still, he keeps on climbing.

This is a problem when there are things that I really do want to keep away from him, but he’s proving to be increasingly clever at getting to things that are theoretically out of his reach.  He’s just tall enough, with arms extended, to touch the cutting board.  This is bad – especially when he got to the Webmaster’s cold coffee mug on Sunday evening, and gave himself a cold coffee shower.  This happened ten minutes before Friend and Doc and the boys showed up for dinner.  Fortunately, they understand chaos.

I’ve been trying to keep him off the kitchen table by doing what I used to do with Ane – I would lay the chairs flat on their backs on the floor, which meant that the active toddler would not be able to climb said chair and get to the table.  This worked with Ane.  I don’t recall having to do this with Tad, but he led me on a merry chase in many other ways (I could not let him outdoors and out of my sight at this age without him trying to eat the backyard – literally).  I figured it would work with Rerun.  It did – for about two hours.  Which is about how long it took for him to do this:

This particular chair is flat and stable enough on its back for Rerun to climb up onto the edge of its seat.

How he managed to figure this out, I have no idea.

*sigh*  The score is Rerun 1, Mommy 0.

This boy is clever.  And he scares me.  I’m going to really have to work hard to stay more than one step ahead of him.

Fortunately, I’m the one who owns all the cookies, and if he wants some, he’s going to have to follow MY rules.

One Response to “Outsmarting Mommy”

  1. Oddball
    November 2nd, 2011 15:03

    So we should mail him cookies?