I Have Arrived

The scene: Our dinner table.  Dinner was chicken, diced into fettuccine alfredo, and green beans.  Ane has eaten all of the noodles.

Ane: (staring at her plate) “Mom, how much of this chicken do I have to eat?”

Me: “All of it.  Your brother ate all of his dinner, and you had equal portions.”

Ane: (getting huffy) “But Mo-om, I don’t like chicken!”

Me: “You ate teriyaki chicken without complaining last night.”

Ane: “That was different.”

Me:  “No, it wasn’t.  Eat.  There are plenty of hungry kids who would love to have your food.”

Ane: (slumps back in her chair)  “You are M-E-A-N.”

(Yes, she spelled it out.)

Me: (smiling)  “Good, I’m glad you think I’m mean.  Now, could you please tell Grandma that when you see her?  She’ll be so proud of me.”

(It wasn’t the reaction she was expecting.  I think she meant to hurt my feelings.  Too bad – I’m so mean, I don’t care.  And she ended up eating the rest of her dinner.)

One Response to “I Have Arrived”

  1. Ressis
    November 10th, 2011 21:45

    Mean, rotten and nasty!