Ane spent part of her days off of school catching up on Harry Potter movies.  She has now seen the first three with no ill effects.  We do talk about the differences between the movies and the books while we’re watching them, and what is a CGI special effect and what is “real.”

When she started watching the third movie, Tad groaned and said, “Not Harry Potter again??”

So, I bribed him.  He could watch a movie in his room, on the iPad.  I figured that if Ane got to choose her own movie, he could too.

And this is what ended up happening.

Rerun wanted so bad to see it, too, so I put him up on Tad’s bed to watch.  Fortunately, Tad didn’t care.  We kept a close eye on them, though – the last thing I needed was Rerun getting shoved off the bed.

Have I mentioned lately how much the boys love their new room?  Or how much Tad loves his bed?

Rerun thinks the bed is lots of fun, too.  Fortunately, he hasn’t yet figured out that he can open up the drawers and remove the clothes inside.  I will not have a moment’s peace once he does.

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